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Stem Cell Treatments in Mexico

Stem cell therapy is a form of regenerative medicine that uses our body’s natural self-healing mechanisms in order to slow down, stop and regenerate (this is the essence of regenerative medicine) damage to our tissues and organs done by disease or injury. We all have stem cells in our body; however, due to aging, disease and a weaken immune system, our ability to heal is sometimes diminished or completely overrun. Stem cell therapy helps our immune system to recover its balance (immunomodulation), which in turn supports regeneration efforts.

Imagine a city under siege. This is a patient’s body under attack by a disease or condition. The people inside the city are the organs, immune system and various cells that work to combat/rebuild the damage done. Stem Cell Therapy works in three stages: first, it stops the siege (damage/attack to the body); second, it provides the building materials for rebuilding; last, it tells the citizens (organs, immune system and cells) how to use the building materials.

Patients can expect different results even if they have the same condition, because each body reacts differently to stem cell therapy. Like most situations and experiences in life, everyone reacts in their own way. However, common side effects that patients may present are: excess of energy, increased general wellbeing, ease or difficulty to sleep, headaches and soreness.

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