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How does Stem Cell Therapy help you?

Giostar, being part of the last three decades of innovative discoveries in the research-based area of regenerative medicine, offers clinical application of Stem Cell Therapy in order to promote the reduction and stoppage of degenerative diseases or conditions, such as ALS, physical injuries and aging, bolstering the regeneration of damaged tissues, bodily processes and overall well-being.

Through specialized allogenic mesenchymal adult stem cells, Giostar's regenerative therapy concentrates stem cells in the targeted area, organ or immune system, helping the body stop the progression of a disease or condition and begin regeneration. All of the acquired understanding based on scientific research done by Giostar, since 2017, has been applied to providing stem cell treatment in Mexico for patients from all over the world. 

FAQ Stem Cell Therapy in Mexico

Being regenerative medicine, the application of stem cell therapy gives your body the help it needs to undergo the regenerative process in which these three main milestones may be achieved:

Slow down the symptoms of your condition

Stop the progression of the disease

Regenerate the damaged areas of the body

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Why choose Giostar Stem Cell Therapy Mexico?

Diversity is wealth. Each patient is unique, genetically and medically. In Giostar Stem Cell Therapy Mexico, we develop personalized protocols for each patient. Be it immunomodulation or rejuvenation the objective, through continuous innovation and research in our facilities and labs, Giostar Stem Cell Therapy Mexico continues expanding its stem cell treatment in Mexico into new areas in order to provide regenerative solutions through stem-cell based applications that potentialize your body’s natural self-healing capabilities. 

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