Performance & Anti Aging Therapy

Performance & Anti Aging stem cell therapy takes mesenchymal stem cells and infuses them into the body where they will get back to work repairing and energizing the tissue.

Our body is filled with millions of cells in charge of every function in our organism and as we grow older, we have fewer active stem cells because of our natural degenerative process.

By smoking, maintaining bad eating habits, not exercising enough, or exposing ourselves to smog and poor air quality, we’re helping speed the aging of our cells, causing those aging signs to appear early; but we can also reverse those signs by using some treatments, and the one that we advise is stem cell therapy.

With an application, the stem cells go all over our body, making it feel younger, improving our libido, and our capacity to do sports and other physical activities. The skin will become more elastic and show less bruising.

With our new application, we apply the stem cells locally subcutaneous in the face, targeting specific areas that are needed, producing collagen and elastin, that will make your skin glow and with more volume.

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