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Results may vary for each patient. GIOSTAR practice the application of stem cell therapy within the legal regulations of each country.

GIOSTAR Mexico Disclaimer

Stem Cell Therapy like any other type of medical procedure have no guarantees and is not promoted as a cure. Reviews and testimonials on this site are personal experiences of our patients. An evaluation from the medical team is required to determine if you are a candidate for stem cell therapy and any personal information provided is for internal and medical use only at GIOSTAR. GIOSTAR headquarters and research is done in San Diego, California.

Adipose Derived Minimally Manipulated Autologous Stem Cell Therapy is regulated by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) under these guidelines and generally falls under physician's discretion via exception in 21 CFR 1271.15[b] in the United States. Canadian laws state that stem cell therapy is approved only for research. Stem cell therapy at GIOSTAR Mexico is regulated and approved by COFEPRIS and other local authorities and is practiced within the legal limits of Mexico.

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