Stem Cell Therapy in Mexico

Nowadays stem cell therapy has become a topic of interest in the regenerative field of medicine. This has people conflicted about how stem cells work. So, is it safe? Where do these stem cells come from?


Stem cells are divided in two major categories:

  • Embryonic stem cells

  • Adult stem cells

Embryonic stem cells come from unused embryos resulting from an in vitro fertilization procedure and that are donated to science. These embryonic stem cells are known as pluripotent, meaning that they can transform into any kind of cell.

Adult stem cells are found among differentiated cells in a tissue or organ. These adult stem cells can renew themselves and primarily work to repair the tissue in which they are found.


GIOSTAR has taken the task thoroughly research stem cell therapy to learn that it effectively works as an alternative medical procedure without the severe side effects of traditional medicine. The main purpose of stem cell therapy is to help the body to regenerate itself and it’s a viable procedure for degenerative diseases, muscular injuries and anti-aging treatment.




Stem cells are the master cells that are responsible for developing an entire human body from a tiny two-celled embryo. Due to their natural behavior, they have the ability to slow down the symptoms of the illness and active the response of the body to regenerate the damaged tissue.

The administration of concentrated stem cells in the targeted area can colonize the damaged area. Patients can present results from the first stem cell application according to their specific medical protocol.


Because each patient is different, GIOSTAR Mexico develops unique personalized stem cell therapy for each patient, although they may suffer from the same condition they are not the same, as genetics and other circumstances can affect differently how they answer to the therapy.


GIOSTAR being a company with international presence, is the best choice for you, as we have a full team of specialists that will work for you offering you personalized treatment for the best results.



GIOSTAR Mexico is a company that was created by a group of visionaries who aim to help every person with an autoimmune, neurological, or degenerative condition. We are interested in repairing our patient’s bodies in one of the most natural ways with a more holistic approach. We use human stem cells taken from adipose (fat) tissue, and we are one of the few clinics that have all the legal permits requested by COFEPRIS (Mexican FDA) for this procedure.

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