Guide to identify the Best Stem Cell Treatments in the World 2023

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What are the best currently legal and available Stem Cell Treatments in the World?

Every country has its own laws and regulatory agencies that determine the extent and type of stem cell treatments that laboratories may research, as well as allowing or limiting the offer that stem cell clinics may offer directly to patients. For example, in the US, the FDA is in charge of authorizing both research facilities and clinics the nature of their procedures. Panama’s stem cell therapy practice is regulated by the Health Ministry, while Stem Cell Therapy in Mexico is regulated by COFEPRIS.

In general, stem cell treatments are distinguished by the origin of the cells used:


  • Autologous stem cell treatment is applied with the patient’s own stem cells, usually extracted via bone marrow, a minor liposuction or own blood.
  • This kind of treatment is the main option for Canadian and US citizens that are unaware of more robust treatments abroad, or wish to remain in their country of origin and receive stem cell therapy with mesenchymal stem cells.


    • Convenience of avoiding travelling to another country.
    • Some patients prefer receiving their own stem cells, for diverse reasons and beliefs.
    • Probably incurs in less additional expenses, such as lodging, transportation or food and beverage, if the clinic is within the patient’s own city or state.


    • Reduced volume (amount) of stem cells received, due to the method of extraction, as well as the fact that as we age, adults progressively decrease their amount of stem cells generated.
    • Intrathecal applications unavailable (which provide increased positive results for patients with neurological conditions, such as ALS and Autism, as well as nervous system conditions, including Parkinson’s and Autism).
    • IV and Local applications limited to patient’s own stem cells, which invalidates the therapy’s efficacy when the patient has a compromised autoimmune system.
    • It is advisable to verify that your selected clinic clearly shows operating licenses required by the FDA.


  • Allogeneic stem cell treatment is applied with healthy donors stem cells, usually extracted via bone marrow, a minor liposuction, umbilical cord or own blood.
  • This kind of treatment is the main option in countries such as Mexico, Panama, Colombia and India, where progressive legal framework allows research facilities and clinics to offer patients from all over the world stem cell therapy with mesenchymal stem cells from previously screened and evaluated healthy donors.


    • Exponentially more volume (amount) of stem cells received per treatment.
    • Patients with compromised autoimmune systems are able to receive stem cells from donors with healthy autoimmune systems.
    • Intrathecal applications fully legal and authorized (Mexico), which provide increased positive results for patients with neurological conditions, such as ALS and Autism, as well as nervous system conditions, including Parkinson’s and Autism.
    • Clinics offer personalized attention and even transportation and lodging is included in treatment plans (Mexico).


    • Requires travelling to another country, previous research and direct phone contact with your preferred clinic’s representatives.
    • It is advisable to verify that your selected clinic clearly shows operating licenses required by the country’s regulatory agency.
    • Preferably evaluate patients’ reviews and testimonials available on websites and social networks, in order to ascertain the value of the offer provided by your selected clinic.
    • Some clinics are unable to receive money wires and require payments with cash or checks.
    • Some clinics are unable to treat more than 2 patients per day, due to size of facilities and staff capacity.

Tips for Choosing the Best Stem Cell Clinic Abroad

  • Verify that your selected clinic actively communicates it has the required licenses for stem cell banking and stem cell transplantation emitted by the clinic’s country authority on the subject.
  • Some stem cell clinics, such as Giostar Mexico, actively do their own scientific research in their own laboratories, as well as grow and cultivate stem cells within their own facilities. This provides certainty of procedure and reduces risks associated with transportation. 
  • A good practice is previously consulting with the medical directors of each clinic, in order to personally meet them via video or phone calls.
  • It is important that, as any business, stem cell clinics provide proof of payments and of therapy.
  • Be sure that transportation from airport-hotel-clinic and back is provided.
  • Book your flights and lodging at least 1 month previous of your treatment, this helps you to decrease the expenses of travelling.

Average cost of Best Stem Cell Treatments in the World


What to look forward to

Stem cell treatments have proven to be one of the most promising options for treating a wide variety of medical conditions. At Giostar Mexico, patients can look forward to a unique and personalized treatment experience. The clinic boasts a team of highly trained specialists who work closely with each patient to develop an individualized treatment plan that fits their specific needs.

Patients undergoing stem cell treatments at Giostar Mexico can expect high-quality care and a holistic approach to their health and well-being. Additionally, the clinic utilizes cutting-edge technologies to ensure that patients receive the best possible outcomes. With a focus on innovation and excellence in healthcare, Giostar Mexico is a trusted destination for those seeking state-of-the-art stem cell treatments.

Average cost of Stem Cell Treatment in Mexico

When consulting information at different clinics that offer stem cell therapy in Mexico, it is important to consider that treatment price may vary according to the specific interest each patient presents. Giostar Mexico takes into account the personal choices of patients regarding type of mesenchymal stem cell to be used (umbilical cord or adipose tissue), and per each medical director’s clinical assessment in order to ensure maximum efficacy, patients may select the type of donor mesenchymal stem cells to receive. So, as you can see, the cost of stem cell therapy will greatly depend on what you decide! On average, Stem Cell Treatments with Giostar Mexico start at $8,500.00 USD for one application (half-treatment), depending on the condition to be treated.

What does Giostar Mexico include in its treatments for patients?

  • (Transportation from hotel-clinic, clinic-hotel and airport-hotel as well as hotel-airport (mainly for Clinics in Playa del Carmen and Guadalajara; at the Los Algodones clinic, due to its proximity to the US-Mexico border crossing, patients are picked up on the border and taken to the clinic or their hotel)
  • Lodging (included in our Clinic in Algodones; lodging in Guadalajara and Playa del Carmen are paid by the patient)
  • Oxygen Therapy
  • Body preparation – Nutritional IV Therapy
  • 1 - 10 billion exosomes (volume depends on Doctor's personal evaluation of each patient)
  • 1 - 4 stem cell vials (35 - 140 million stem cells)
  • Laboratory protocol by Dr. Anand Srivastava (activation of the stem cells in order to direct them towards the affected tissue or organ)
  • Medical Consultation
  • Dietitian Follow up post-therapy
  • Preferential prices for future reinforcements/applications
  • Laboratory exams the previous day before first application

Best Stem Cell Treatment in Mexico

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Stem Cell Treatment for Arthritis

My problems have been my hips and knees. I've definitely noticed I now can roll over easily. Anyone that's thinking about it, embrace it. – Marie

Stem Cell Treatment for Anti Aging

It’s more than I expected. I got a facial application, oxygen therapy, a massage, they played music for me. That made me happy. It was a beautiful experience.


ALS Stem Cell Treatment

From the first time I came, I actually felt better. ALS is progressive, so it affects your whole body. I haven't got worse. - Claudia

MS Stem Cell Treatment

I feel more energized, stronger, stem cells improved my immune system. I feel like I have life again.- Magda


Stem Cell Treatment for Back Pain

I felt a lot more energy after the first application. I haven’t had symptoms, such as numbness in my arms or my neck or shoulders. I’m optimistic about the results. - Bob

Stem Cells for Autism Treatment

There is science behind Giostar, having their own laboratory in site, that made us feel very safe in regards to safety and quality control. - Bhawan


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