Read about the experience of a family that went to Mexico to seek more than they we're offered for his son with DOCK 8 deficiency:

Hi, this is Faris Nasar, he is 8 years old and he has an autoimmune deficiency called DOCK 8 2011 while in the NIH National Institute of Health and they did the extensive genetic testing on a Monday they said that he has DOCK 8 gene mutation. Okay, his skin will be extremely rough like a sandpaper rough and he would be prone to a lot of infections, viral infections, bacterial infections and pneumonia in the chest, shorting of the breath He would be prone to infections he had herpes attacks, he had herpes attack on his left arm, he almost lost that he almost lost that so his body is very weak, he's immune system is extremely weak. He can not fight infection like a normal person. Because his immunologist suggested that we should do a bone marrow transplant and we are not with that at all, and we have a match in the family, he's sister is a perfect match a 100% match but we do not like it because there's chemo involved and the person to treat of, has success will be like 50/50 chance and we were interested in giving him a quality of life instead than prolong life and so we kept looking until we found a different type of stem cells it does not involve any chemo into it so that's how we ended up here. The chemo was scary because it suppresses immune system even further and the risk of losing him through the process was just too high to to proceed with especially that we lost a daughter, same age, same issues and we felt that the chemo suppressing the immune system will end up taking his life so we start to look for an alternative. He tells me "Mom I have more energy now!", Yeah, one of the things that are probably are the first, the second he got sick but we feel as time progresses we were showing Dr. Anand this morning there are certain spot on his face like the nose and in the ears it's been there for 2 or 3 years literally and it just doesn't go, it always gets infected and we would just apply antibiotics on him, and still they were not healing fast enough and now we start seeing that it's in the process of healing so this is for us that's the indication that's it's good, better than before.

His lymph nodes in the back they used to be like baseball size and now they're down and now they're down less obvious I guess on him. So that's what we see on the outside we are much very interested on the inside, excited, I'm very excited on the inside.

I'm gonna answer my side because I wasn't involved as my wife as she would continue but our initial communication with Scott and Dr. Anand and Sofia, in which I kinda interface with, it has been very professional very straight-forward, very positive, parents like us who have a child with a disease like this, it was a sense of hope. So you know we live honest to God but we started this path with that hope in mind so this is what I say for my side.
For here, like Doctor Daniel and Karla they made us feel like we're at home we did not feel like they're strangers or just we did not feel like they're strangers or just precious time to entertain Faris and make him feel comfortable. He is… Sometimes he gets fobia from needles for his age I mean even adults sometimes they don't like needles. So he ease down his pain. So we felt very appreciative to his efforts and the staff efforts. And the biggest positive thing for this to... because we've almost two days driving distance, flying was little expensive and a little inconvenient because my wife had to carry a lot of stuff to the supplements, the creams, the treatment. so she needs to carry that stuff gonna carry on the plane so the fact that she drives two days each way to come here has been a pleasant experience because she looks forward to this it's not like up we have run begins it's been it's gonna get everyone in this very very friendly very happy living forma services the place this very clean with all the services the place this very clean those keep it respectfully naturally follow us good we want to unlock some now remember everything my husband to come party this is themselves artists like me this and so I can keep coming. Just 2 days ago it's been almost 5 months or less than that. It's been four months. Can you answer that Faris? Can you tell us what's your energy level? He is very... I feel like running now and playing with my friends and... running and play and I think he has more energy now than before, his skin is looking much better which helps him to actually maneuver more and be with his friends and play in the sun too where he could not actually be in the sun before. It would irritate his skin even food regard we have more guts to give him... more eager now to give him more foods because of his allergies.. food allergies because of his Dock 8.

It's a very pleasant experience we like it here a lot except the weather here it's very hot we're used to it but it's good we like it, we got very close to the staff here and we will go back home with more friends now from Mexico.
Yes! Definitely, for my husband he's diabetic type 2 so I guess that will help him to stay healthy a longer time. We would definitely encourage them to take a look and have an open mind and research, ask questions, the staff is very willing to answer any questions you have. Definitely, this is the end thing, this science for our time and being in the United States all our lives the announcement is rich for the medical treatment but unfortunately, they are becoming more business oriented than result oriented and we feel going outside the United Stated border to seek border professional help for us it's been very pleasant experience and definitely, encourage others to do that.

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