Lyme disease is an uncurable that affect the skin, nervous system, skeletal muscle system and the heart.

For Jason, it meant a lot of physical pain so he decided to opt for stem cell therapy with GIOSTAR. Here he tells us a little bit about himself and all about his first visit to GIOSTAR Mexico:

On medical condition and symptoms:
“I have Lyme Disease and chronic joint pain. I have a lot of joint pain localized in joints, knees, hips, ankles, also nerve pain in my hands and feet. I've had the condition for about four years.”

On past treatments:
“I tried some holistic treatments for supplementation, IV medication and also had polo therapy and injections into some of my joints.”

On choosing stem cell therapy with GIOSTAR:
“I've heard a lot of good things about stem cells working for individuals with joint pain and immune suppressed syndromes like Lyme disease where I'm immune compromised so I figured the new cells would be able to win the losing fight that my bad cells are having in my body.”

Medical staff and facilities:
“The GIOSTAR facility was very clean, orderly. Everyone that works here was very nice, the doctor answered all of my questions, accordingly. If I was nervous or unsure about anything they explained all the details of the procedure beforehand.”

Additional comments:
“I would tell someone that was considering stem cell therapy that if they were considering the therapy seriously to do the research. In the online world that we living today you can do so much research about facilities and GIOSTAR really has a lot of athletes and peer-reviewed papers by their founder as far as what he has done for the stem cell research and development as far as that growth of the stem cell treatment and how it can help others and GIOSTAR was definitely leading the way.”

Want to find out if you’re candidate for stem cell therapy?

We invite you to fill out a contact form so the medical board can evaluate your condition, this will help them give you the therapy you need HERE!

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