Sofia Lopez

Head of Laboratory

University of Yucatan

Pharmaceutical Chemist Biologist graduated from the Autonomous University of Yucatán, with professional experience in both academic and private sectors.

Head of Laboratory Sofia Lopez with Dr Anand


Academic experience:

  • Good manufacturing practices for biological and biotechnological products
  • Various cell therapy courses
  • Diploma in clinical bacteriology and antimicrobial susceptibility.
  • Diploma in hematopathology
  • Fundamentals and techniques of analytical quality in clinical chemistry studies.
  • Congress on Nutrition on the oncology patient.
  • Congress on Regenerative and Functional Medicine,

Professional experience:

  • Research in molecular biology and genetics by determining polymorphisms in genes associated with estrogen metabolism in women with breast cancer.
  • Implementation of quality management processes that comply with current health legislation in Mexico.
  • 5+ years of experience in the process of clinical samples in the areas of chemistry, biology, immunology and bacteriology for the diagnosis of diseases.
  • Teaching of Cell Biology, Chemistry and Ecology subjects to upper secondary level students.
  • Research presentation at the National Congress of Human Genetics

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