Dr. Leopoldo Butron

Aesthetic medicine

Autonomous University of Hidalgo

General practitioner graduated of general medicine in Autonomous University of Hidalgo.

Academic and Professional Experience:

  • Aesthetic Medicine diploma of IPPC
  • Aesthetic Medicine diploma of UNAM
  • Aesthetic Medicine diploma of UIME
  • Experienced in dermal treatments with CO2 lasers, platelet rich plasma, steam cells, Fillers, Botox, PDO Threads, Non-surgical facelift, chemical peels.

“As a doctor, I've always thought that surgery is our last chance to have a dramatic result, talking about aesthetics. Most of the patients don't know that there are a lot of treatments they can have to delay the symptoms of aging for a while. The science is going beyond the limits of knowledge and every day we have better, safer and painless procedures with better results. For the patients it's impressive because they see changes in their faces immediately, I feel pleased with my work every time I hear them say "thank you".Dr. Leopoldo Butrón