Alma Ake


La Salle University


Professional nurse graduated from La Salle University - Cancun, with a work background in both private and public practice, including private medical attention.


  • General nursing at public hospital within diverse areas, such as: hospitalization, gynecology, ICU and pediatrics.
  • General nursing in private practice with alternative therapies, such as: ozone and neural therapy, homeopathy for both local and foreign patients.
  • Diploma in Humanism at La Salle University - Cancun
  • Master's Degree in Health Services Management by ISU Puebla.
  • Certification of PICC line installation by the National System of Competences CONOCER.

“I firmly believe that regenerative medicine and holistic therapies provide a comprehensive approach to medical attention, all the while providing necessary tools for individuals to improve their quality of life and immediate day-to-day activities.” - Alma

Alma Ake nurse