What Can You Expect? The 3 Milestones of Stem Cell Therapy

What can you expect from stem cell therapy?

Stem cell therapy is a procedure in the regenerative medicine field that gives the opportunity for patients with degenerative diseases and muscular injuries to improve their quality of life without the severe side effects than traditional treatments have in the body.

Regenerative medicine's principal goal is to help the body heal itself, so by this basis, stem cells are natural cells from the body, and they work to achieve results that are essential to the function of the affected tissue. The results of the therapy can differ from patient to patient since the improvements depend on multiple variables such as health, condition, nutrition, past treatments, amongst others.

1st Milestone: Slow down the deterioration

Stem cells help repair and slow down the damage of the organs going through degeneration. Stem cell therapy has almost no side effects and is a natural and effective option for patients with degenerative diseases. Slowing down a degenerative disease means a positive impact on a patient’s life. Degenerative diseases can advance at a fast pace, resulting in a severe deterioration until the organ or tissue affected is no longer functional. A slow deterioration through stem cell therapy can ultimately provide a couple of more healthy years in a patient’s life.

2nd Milestone: Stopping deterioration

The best likely outcome for a traditional treatment is to stop the deterioration and progressiveness of a degenerative disease. Sadly, most traditional treatments have serious side effects that can damage other organs in the process of attacking the symptoms of the disease. Sometimes the treatment will only focus on the symptoms of the disease rather than the disease itself. Stem cell therapy can stop the deterioration of the disease by attacking the disease directly at a molecular level with no severe side effects.

3rd Milestone: Regenerate

Stem cell’s natural function is to help regenerate and heal the body. Through stem cell therapy this too can be possible, regenerating damaged tissue or organs. While this milestone can’t be achieved through traditional medicine while it’s definitely an option for stem cell therapy, depending on the condition and severity of the disease.