Stem Cell Therapy For COPD

Stem Cell Therapy for COPD

Stem cell therapy for COPD can regulate the principal causes and symptoms, help the body regenerate the tissues in the lungs, recover from pulmonary fibrosis, making it easier for patients to breathe, and make them able to hold larger volumes of oxygen.

With stem cell therapy the lungs recover from pulmonary fibrosis, the fibrosis scar and stiff the air sacs of the lungs making it harder to breathe and reducing the volume of oxygen the lungs can receive. Stem cell therapy helps the body regenerate the tissue in the lungs, making it easier for patients to breathe and making them able to hold larger volumes of oxygen.

How does Stem Cell Therapy work?

Stem cells have the ability to differentiate into specific cell types. The two defining characteristics of a stem cell are perpetual self-renewal and the ability to differentiate into a specialized adult cell type. What stem cell therapy does is to help those whose stem cells are low or damaged to slow down, stop or even regenerate the lost tissue or cells.

Imagine a city under siege. This is a patient’s body under attack by a disease or condition. The people inside the city are the organs, immune system and various cells that work to combat/rebuild the damage done. Stem Cell Therapy works in three stages: first, it stops the siege (damage/attack to the body); second, it provides the building materials for rebuilding; last, it tells the citizens (organs, immune system and cells) how to use the building materials.


What causes COPD?

Most cases of COPD occur when inhaling pollutants, smoking tobacco and second-hand smoke. Fumes, chemicals and dust found in many work environments contribute to develop COPD. Genetics can also play a role in developing COPD–even if the person has never smoked.

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Types of COPD


Emphysema is a lung disease that causes shortness of breath because of the inflammation of the air sacs in the lung. The anatomy of the lung changes in several ways, this is due to the destruction of the lung tissue around smaller airways. These small airways are usually open, allowing the air to leave the lungs when we exhale and, when this tissue is damaged, the airways collapse, making it hard for the lungs to empty and the air becomes trapped in the air sacs.

The main cause of emphysema is cigarette smoking. Even if you don't smoke, you might get emphysema because of “bad air”, which can come from people smoking around you, dust and fumes. There's also an inherited disease called Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency.

Chronic Bronchitis

Chronic bronchitis such as emphysema are diseases that comprise COPD. This disease is a condition that goes on for a lifetime and must not be confused with Acute Bronchitis, which you might get as a consequence of a respiratory infection like a cold and goes away after a few weeks.  

Bronchitis is a condition in which the bronchial tubes that move the air from and to the lungs become inflamed. The irritation of the tubes causes coughing with mucus, shortness of breath, chest pain and fatigue. The main cause of chronic bronchitis is cigarette smoking. Other factors include air pollution, dust and toxic gases in the environment.

Refractory (non-reversible) Asthma

Refractory (non-reversible) Asthma is a form of severe asthma that causes the airways to inflame, become cramped and produce extra mucus. The symptoms include wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath and chest tightness. In most cases of asthma, you can control your condition with medication. But in the case of Refractory Asthma, it can’t be regulated or contained with regular medicine. While severe asthma can be a threat, it is possible to keep it under control with alternative treatments and therapy.

Stem Cell Treatment for COPD Reviews


Why Choose Giostar Mexico?

GIOSTAR Mexico offers personalized stem cell therapy for COPD. As each patient is different, here at GIOSTAR Mexico we develop personalized protocols for every patient because although patients may suffer from the same condition, each organism is unique. Genetics and other circumstances, such as lifestyle choices, can affect differently how someone responds to therapy.

Value comparison between stem cell therapy for COPD in Mexico and USA

Is stem cell therapy safe and legal in Mexico?

An important question our patients ask before coming to our clinics is: Is stem cell therapy safe? We also understand that, perhaps, the real question is: Is stem cell therapy legal in Mexico? Yes and of course! In Giostar Mexico, we ask for each applicant to submit a health history form, from which our medical directors personally evaluate the viability of each applicant. This means that stem cell therapy may not be for everyone. Important: we currently do not treat macular degeneration and patients with cancer.

Stem cell therapy is thoroughly regulated by the Mexican FDA equivalent: COFEPRIS. Due to advanced legislation, Mexico enjoys sufficient regulatory framework to offer applications otherwise unavailable in countries such as the US or Canada, for example, local direct applications (hands for arthritis, shoulder pain, knee pain), lumbar and cervical applications, all of which have proven better results for patients, than just receiving stem cell therapy intravenously.

Stem cell therapy cost 

Stem cell therapy cost for COPD, in Giostar Mexico, starts at $8,500.00 USD for one application (half-treatment). Pricing highly depends on the personalized protocol that the Medical Director determines based on each patient's condition. What may this include?

  • Transportation from hotel-clinic, clinic-hotel and airport-hotel as well as hotel-airport (mainly for our Clinics in Playa del Carmen and Guadalajara; our Clinic in Los Algodones, due to its proximity to the US-Mexico border crossing, we pick up patients on the border or at Yuma Airport and take them to our clinic or their hotel)
  • Lodging (available in our Clinic in Algodones) in Hotel Hacienda or Hotel Cielito Lindo
  • Oxygen Therapy
  • Body preparation – Nutritional IV Therapy
  • 1 - 10 billion exosomes (volume depends on Doctor's personal evaluation of each patient)
  • 1 - 4 stem cell vials (35 - 140 million stem cells) 
  • Laboratory protocol by Dr. Anand (activation of the stem cells in order to direct them towards the affected tissue or organ)
  • Medical Consultation
  • Dietitian Follow up post-therapy
  • Preferential discount for future reinforcements/applications 
  • Laboratory exams the previous day before the first application.


Financial Option for Stem Cell Therapy

Giostar Mexico is continuously looking to provide our patients with resources and options to receive stem cell therapy at the best stem cell clinics in Mexico. We are happy to announce that, through United Medical Credit, our patients (exclusive for US citizens) may now receive up to $25,000.00 USD in credit for their treatment (note: price for therapy varies depending on the condition to be treated and a number of stem cells [vials] included). Patients can ask for the maximum amount of the credit or ask for a percentage based on the price of the therapy.

Stem cell therapy is a procedure in the regenerative medicine field. Regenerative medicine's ultimate goal is that our body regenerate itself. What stem cell therapy does in your body is slowing down or stopping the suffered deterioration and it can even regenerate tissue. That is why we ask patients to fill out a health form, so our medical staff may first identify if stem cell therapy is actually an option for them and the medical team knows the specifics of your health condition.

If you have COPD and want to find out if you're a candidate for stem cell therapy, you can fill out this contact form and we will give you a call or email you as soon as possible! Or contact us directly to our US landline at 619-866-6000

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