Stem Cell Therapy

What is stem cell therapy?

Stem cell therapy is an advanced treatment within the field of Regenerative Medicine, which provides patients with biology’s natural building blocks (stem cells) in order to slow down, stop and regenerate damage done to tissues and organs due to various conditions, such as: aging, diabetes, arthritis, MS, to name a few. 

Stem Cell Therapy Stem Cells

How does stem cell therapy work?

What stem cell therapy does is to help patients whose stem cells are low or damaged to slow down, stop or even regenerate the lost tissue or cells. Patients can expect different results even if they have the same condition because stem cell therapy and the regenerative medicine field focus on none-invasive therapies that allow the body to regenerate without external intervention. 

Imagine a city under siege. This is a patient’s body under attack by a disease or condition. The people inside the city are the organs, immune system and various cells that work to combat/rebuild the damage done. Stem Cell Therapy works in three stages: first, it stops the siege (damage/attack to the body); second, it provides the building materials for rebuilding; last, it instructs the citizens (organs, immune system and cells) how to use the building materials to rebuild.

How much is stem cell therapy?

One of the first concerns when considering stem cell therapy is the cost in the US. This usually varies depending on the patient's condition, but usually has an estimated cost between $5,000 – $50,000 USD.

It is said to be a transplant because we are taking the patient's own stem cells and applying them again in the place that is necessary. This process is more expensive than allogeneic (donor) stem cell therapy and its price ranges between $5,000 – $50,000 dlls. This kind of therapy is perfect for those who live in the USA and are looking for a local alternative.

When patients require, due to their condition, allogeneic (donor) stem cell therapy, it is best to travel abroad to countries with advanced programs and progressive legal frameworks that allow for these procedures to be safely performed. One of the best options out there is Giostar Mexico. How much does stem cell therapy cost in Mexico? Prices range from $5,000 – $20,000 USD. 

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What are the different types of stem cell therapy?

Basically, there are 2 types of stem cell therapy: patient’s own stem cells (autologous) or donor-derived stem cells (allogeneic). Each has its benefits and counterparts. For joint conditions, autologous treatments in the US are routinely performed. For diseases, such as diabetes, ALS, arthritis, MS, where the immune system is compromised, allogeneic treatments are recommended, because patients receive healthy new stem cells free from diseases. 

Autologous stem cell therapy

•Autologous stem cell therapy is applied with the patient’s own stem cells, usually extracted via bone marrow, a minor liposuction or own blood.

•This kind of treatment is the main option for Canadian and US citizens that are unaware of more robust treatments abroad, or wish to remain in their country of origin and receive stem cell therapy with mesenchymal stem cells.

Allogeneic stem cell therapy

•Allogeneic stem cell therapy is applied with healthy donors stem cells, usually extracted via bone marrow, a minor liposuction, umbilical cord or own blood.

•This kind of treatment is the main option in countries such as Mexico, Panama, Colombia and India, where progressive legal framework allows research facilities and clinics to offer patients from all over the world stem cell therapy with mesenchymal stem cells from previously screened and evaluated healthy donors.

Giostar Stem Cell therapy Mexico

Thanks to the wonders of medical tourism, those interested in taking a stem cell therapy have the option of traveling to Mexico, but why? What benefits are there? These are excellent questions! The main value of stem cell therapy in México is that due to the country’s progressive legal framework, stem cell treatments in Mexico allow for various types of infiltrations (intrathecal, cervical or lumbar, for example) that permit treating conditions such as: arthritis, ALS, MS, autism (to mention a few) much more efficiently. Also, the price of stem cell therapy in Mexico is considerably lower compared to the United States. However, that is not the only benefit about deciding to have stem cell therapy in Mexico. Another very important point is the support and regulation of COFEPRIS (Mexico's equivalent of the FDA), which verifies that all processes are carried out properly for the perfect care of patients.

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