Famous Stem Cell Therapy advocates

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The results and research in the field of Stem cell therapy have made a revolution not only in the medical and scientific community, but in the whole world. Since many years ago, people worldwide wanted to give a chance to stem cell therapy and see the results by themselves. Famous people and athletes have not been the exception. Here we present some famous stem cell advocates who have significantly improved their performance or quality of life after a successfully treatment. 

Famous stem cell therapy advocates

Tiger woods

The winner of 15 majors and considered one of the greatest golf players in all history has not been exempt of injuries. He suffered from back and knee pain for quite large time. Before the 2019 Masters Tournament, he underwent stem cell therapy complement with PRP treatment, for his joints and back; this helped him to heal and finally win the tournament. 

Cristiano Ronaldo

Maintaining the level of play of someone like Cristiano Ronaldo is not an easy task and injuries are common. It is known that he has been taking stem cell therapy for several years now to help keep his body in the condition it needs to remain one of the best of the world.

Rafael Nadal

As part of his preparation for the Australian Open, Rafael Nadal not only trained hard, but also decided to treat his chronic back problem, because the condition reached a fairly serious point. He decided to use stem cell therapy, receiving injections for 5 weeks, which gradually helped him recover and now he can continue his career without problems.

Aaron Curry

The former linebacker of the Oakland Raiders. During his career, he had problems in both of his knees, which did not allow him to develop as an athlete in the way he was looking for. Shortly after taking his stem cell therapy, he was able to get back into game and become one of the best players in the NFL.

Jack Nicklaus

From a very young age, the famous golfer has suffered from chronic back pain. For a long time, he searched for treatments to help reduce his pain, but none were effective enough. It wasn't until 6 years ago that, by luck, he talked to Dr. Eckhard Alt, who was working with stem cell therapy and recommended it to him. After successful treatment, Jack Nicklaus back pain was almost completely gone and he was able to play golf again.

Dara Torres

The winner of 12 Olympic medals began to suffer from severe arthritis in her knee, this caused her to worry a lot because when she realized her situation, the damage was quite advanced. However, he underwent several treatments, including injections of autologous cells that soon helped to regenerate the cartilage in his knees and eventually flexibility returned to his knees. Currently, she lives more calmly and happily with her daughter.

Connor McGregor

A few years ago, Connor McGregor had some knee complications, which did not allow him to fully compete in his fights. The president of the UFC Dana White revealed that to treat his problem, the professional fighter took stem cell therapy in Germany. Currently he does not have any problems and has continued with his successful career.


Stem cell therapy is not only for athletes who suffer injuries due to their profession. Even great artists carry out rigorous training and maneuvers that can lead them to develop injuries. In 2020 Madonna had to cancel some tour concerts due to severe knee pain and as part of her recovery, she underwent stem cell therapy and after a few months the pain in her knee disappeared.

What is stem cell therapy?

Stem cell therapy helps those whose stem cells are low or damaged to slow down, stop or even regenerate the lost tissue. Patients can expect different results even if they have the same condition, mainly due to lifestyle choices and the status of the condition to treat. Stem cell therapy, being within the regenerative medicine field, focuses on none-invasive therapies that allow the body to regenerate without external intervention.


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