Stem Cell Therapy for E.D.

Stem Cell Therapy Benefits for E.D.

Erectile Dysfunction (E.D.) Is the inability to keep or get an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse. E.D. can result from health problems, emotional issues, or both. Some risk factors are: Diabetes, having high blood pressure, smoking, drinking too much alcohol and lacking exercise. E.D. becomes more common as men age, but growing old will not always cause ED.

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Erectile Dysfunction Therapy at GIOSTAR Mexico

Everyone responds at a different rate of stem cell repair and replacement, per stem cell transplant. More than one stem cell transplant is necessary and ultimately, over time, the process will reduce a portion of the symptoms experienced by those diagnosed with Erectile Dysfunction (E.D.). The difficulty is in predicting which symptom relief may be experienced per patient.

Stem cells are the master cells that are responsible for developing an entire human body from a tiny two-celled embryo; due to their instinctive behavior, they have the ability to slow down the attack of the illness and active the natural response of the body to regenerate the damaged tissue. This power of stem cells has been harnessed by the technology to isolate them outside the human body, concentrate in the clean environment and implant them back into the body.

Thus, stem cell treatment involves administration of concentrated stem cells in the targeted area, wherein they can colonize in the damaged area and initiate some lost functions that have been compromised by the disease or injury.


Patients can present results from the first stem cell application according to their specific medical protocol. A follow-up program is available for all patients after the 3rd week of the application.