Read about how Joseph was able to avoid knee surgery through Stem Cell Therapy and his experience in GIOSTAR Mexico:

“ My name is Joseph Drago, 33 I'll be 34 in a couple of months. I came here to GIOSTAR a couple months ago. I work currently as they a flight paramedic in California. I got injured about actually two years ago. I didn't realize that I had a torn ACL on my left knee so I had an incident where I was running couple months ago and then my knee gave out and I knew something was wrong and so I went to the clinic up there and find out I had a torn ACL as well as a torn meniscus, so I started to do my research on how to prevent going to surgery and you know, right off the bat and then also found GIOSTAR through searching and I got contact of the clinic so that's why I'm here today. So I've had this condition for about two years. I actually had a fall back in that almost January. It was January 2015 so about two years I was getting down from a little of ledge, I was taking photography or taking some photographs and landed awkwardly on my left leg. I felt my knee completely give out and so I knew something was wrong, but there's been a constant battle of the last couple years of this constant pain instability with my knee and not, as much strength on my left leg as I normally would have I have not tried any other medical procedures. After going to the doctor they said immediately that I did need to get surgery and says soon as possible, so my left ACL was completely ruptured but I decided to go a different route and do the stem cell therapy, and hopefuly continue regenerate the tissue on my left knee to me, but there has been significant improvements through this treatments so I chose GIOSTAR because I did a lot of research before following through with the appointment and I was very impressed with how professional, and how knowledgeable the staff has been they are treating me not only with kindness, but with a lot of truth and integrity and letting me know each step of the process. What's you know, what's gonna happen so only have I felt comfortable but I felt that the actual treatment itself have been fantastic it has significant improvement for my left leg and my left knee and I there's anything that does require treatment in the future I would absolutely come here again I would describe this top notch like I said all the staff from every position that I've dealt with you know whether, it's you know up front, you notice the basic staff for you know the medical positions basic staff for you know the medical positions patient coordinators, they all been extremely just very accommodating, as well as very top notch.

So there's been a significant improvement in my left knee before I have a very difficult time bending before I have a very difficult time bending, instability in my knee as well, it'ld be very difficult for me to walk up and downstairs. I carry a lot of heavy bags and equipment at my job and over my first treatment, just in the last couple months ago i notice a significant reduction in pain, instability a lot more strength in my knee as well it's definitely, it's not 100% but there has been significant improvement in the last couple of months so I'm excited to continue to have a great quality of life.

Yes, absolutely I have and have not felt like I was in danger at any point. It's very safe here. Very quiet area is well, you know and felt that nothing. Crossing the border is nothing has been an issue now. I would tell them to you know if you have any questions first and foremost, ask and ask everything that they think about because the staff is patient and knowledgeable, they'll do their best to not bring the patient in but to explain everything you know and make sure that they built a quality relationship with patient so I'm actually recommended you guys to a coworker, because they have a lower back injury and so they're actually doing some research right now they're actually gonna contact you and start as well, but you know they're very impressed how you've done things.

I'm excited for again a good quality of life. You know it's been very debilitating over the last couple of years, you know if you're going for a jog you know you're wondering if knees are going to give out again. Wondering if I have to go back to the ER, Emergency Department or to seek medical attention and I feel after the treatments are done I can have a lot more freedom. You know, to go jogging again to go hiking again and to just enjoy life again, without worring about you know like the debilitating pain on my knee, so I'm really looking forward to get active again.
It's just been a wonderful experience, very painless from start to finish and I highly recommend anybody. “

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