Michael - Arthritis (Shoulder and knees)

Medical Condition
“I have arthritis in both knees and my shoulders very good stem cell treatments might help me with my problem. Probably 15 years at least 15 years that's been bothering me.”

Past Treatments
“Yes, a number of treatments and none of them worked.”
Choosing GIOSTAR
“I heard about it. I looked it up on the Internet and heard testimonials and heard athletes doing it and that's what convinced me that a lot of athletes doing it to someone very active so I thought I'll give it a try, nothing else is working. I thought I would give it try.”
Medical Staff and Facility
“Very good. I was totally impressed with the facility, very clean, very up to date, the staff is very friendly, very knowledgeable and very personal. I enjoyed that because they're very personal trying to help you and working with your problem.”
Improvements and Results
“Yes, I have noticed improvements. I'm looking forward to getting my shots tomorrow and hoping for more to getting my shots tomorrow and hoping for more.”
“I would tell them to come and do it. The people I spoke with that I've been here last couple of days, that spoke to with MS and strokes that had have the stem cell therapy I spoke with them and their family and the improvement they've got just makes me more of a believer because it worked for them and now I'm seeing that it's working for me. I would definitely tell friends and family or someone to try it instead of just going into surgery because this seems to work, it's new but, yes it's working.”
Additional Comments
“I just think it's great. Everybody I spoke to here, has had an improvement, this morning her sister, MS, big improvement they said she noticed it. A couple yesterday stem cell injections into the knee who walking better, so I'm hoping for good results for myself but I would definitely recommend it.”

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