Stem Cell Therapy Research for Covid 19 Patients

As we know, Giostar provides personalized protocol treatment for each patient because we continuously produce research that enables us to further comprehend specific considerations for each condition we treat. Covid-19 is also a medical condition which we have had the opportunity of researching, through scientific exploration and practice-based information.

Headed by Dr. Anand Srivastava, our Departments of Stem Cell Therapy Giostar USA (Soni Prabhat) and Giostar Mexico (Diana Esquivel), have produced a new academic research paper which discovers a probable positive correlation between SCT and the use of hyperbaric chambers for COVID-19 patients.

Giostar Mexico’s treatment protocols include the use of hyperbaric chamber and oxygenation, with the intention of preparing our patient’s body to adequately receive stem cells in his/her body. 

An extract of the recently published article:

“In pursuit of an effective means for regulating the cytokine storm, administration of Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO2) therapy also has been performed in some clinical trials. The underlying theory proposes that availability of higher than normal level of oxygen during HBO2 therapy can safely reduce the inflammatory response by attenuation of the innate immune system, increase hypoxia tolerance, and thereby can prevent multiple organ failure.”

In some cases, Covid-19 generates an inflammatory response in a patient’s organism. By supplying oxygen therapy, the body may increase its chances of adequately fighting the infection, thus reducing symptoms and additional complications. 

We invite you to read and share the complete academic paper, another success from our scientific team. Information is responsibility and understanding is peace.

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