Pamela Valtierra

Head Dietitian

University Iberoamericana of Tijuana

B.S. in Nutrition and Food Sciences graduated from Universidad Iberoamericana. She is currently furthering her studies through a master's degree in clinical nutrition. She served as Head of the Nutrition Department at the General Hospital of Mexicali for 7 years. Pamela also manages a clinic that specializes in clinical and regenerative nutrition therapy. A strong believer in education, Pamela has achieved diplomas of:


• Nutrition in gastroenterology

• Neural diseases

• Intravenous fluid therapy

• Double certification as a therapist in IV nutrition

• Double certification in ketogenic diet


Likewise, Pamela has taken courses of:

• Intermittent fasting

• Orthomolecular nutrition

• Intravenous nutrition

• Pharmacology in nutrition

• Venoclysis and solution management

• Oncology and regulations in hygienic handling of food


"Nutrition is truly a medicine branch that is essential in the treatment of any patient. As in prevention, I faithfully believe that every day we must prepare ourselves to offer the most innovative and best options to our patients for an improved quality of life. " - Pamela Valtierra