Here's Jim, telling us his first experience with GIOSTAR Mexico and his thoughts on stem cell therapy for Severe Stenosis and Neuropathy:

On medical condition:
“My name is Jim Morrack, My medical condition is.. I have severe stenosis in my back, which is this degeneration which has led to neuropathy in my legs.”

On past treatments:
“I have actually had a discectomy. I've also had two fusion surgeries on my back so I have titanium now for my S1 through my L3.”

On choosing GIOSTAR:
“I've come to a point in my life where the only other opportunities or the other alternative they had was additional surgery and for anyone who's gone through back surgery It's one of the toughest surgeries that there is and so in an effort to try to find something less invasive that may be as helpful if not more helpful. I kind of put out the word and said "Does anybody know of anything?" So a good friend of mine said maybe to look into stem cell therapy, so that's how I found GIOSTAR.”

On the medical staff and facilities:
"I think the staff here has been terrific, they've been more than helpful. They have gone out of their way to make me feel comfortable. A good group of people very enthusiastic and obviously, want to help and the facilities are very modern.”

On recommending GIOSTAR:
“If you're in a place in your life or you're, considering doing something different or explore other options that are out there. I would absolutely recommend this. Stem cell therapy is absolutely the future and this seems like one of the best companies that's position to deliver that kind of treatment. I just wanna say a lot to not only about the staff here, but the staff that I dealt with at the office in California. They have been very accommodating. They're great with follow-up. They too have a genuine interest in trying to make this be a very successful experience for me and Doctor Anand's research... I hope I'll have a chance to meet him someday, but I think that he's pioneering, some areas that have incredible potential and relevance for a lot of people out there so it's been nothing but a great experience. So far.”

Want to find out if you’re candidate for stem cell therapy?

We invite you to fill out a contact form so the medical board can evaluate your condition, this will help them give you the therapy you need HERE!

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