Stem Cell Therapy: What You Get In Mexico That You Don't Get In The US?

Is stem cell therapy regulated in Mexico?

Mexico is a medical tourism destination for Americans and Canadians but when it comes to stem cells what do you get in Mexico that you don't get in the US?

Usually when we talk about stem cell therapy controversial topics come up, people find themselves often conflicted by where the stem cells come from, if they’re FDA approved or if they’re some kind of “miracle drug”, and it’s perfectly understandable since the topic isn’t talked about as much as let’s say chemotherapy.

The truth is that stem cell therapy is part of a wide medical field called regenerative medicine, where it’s the primary purposed is to help the body heal itself. Sounds kind of futuristic? The thing is that regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy has been practiced for a few decades now around the world and is actually a viable procedure to help people with degenerative diseases, muscular injuries and it’s even used as an anti-aging treatment.

If you’re considering it as an option for you it’s important you do your research on stem cell therapy and the company providing it so you can make a knowledgeable decision and also feel at ease about the procedure being offered to you since in the US stem cell therapy is not FDA approved.

In the US stem cells are used in a limited way, causing Americans and even Canadians to travel to Mexico, where stem cell therapy is regulated by COFEPRIS (the federal commission to protect against health hazards).

The laws in Mexico, in fact, approve stem cell therapy for arthritis, Parkinson’s, diabetes, and more. They approve the utilization of stem cells from an allogeneic and autologous origin and extracted from adipose tissue, bone marrow, umbilical cord and amniotic fluid. At GIOSTAR, we use adult mesenchymal stem cells as they have proven to be the healthiest stem cells in the body since the area around our waist functions as a storage unit where we save our energy and perfectly healthy adult stem cells. These stem cells go under a procedure specially designed by Dr. Anand Srivastava where they are separated, cultivated, reversed their age, assigned functions and applied where needed, so they are able to treat the affected area precisely ensuring the best results possible for the patient.