Stem Cell Therapy: The Ultimate Anti-Aging Treatment

Our body is filled with millions of cells that are in charge of every function in our organism and they have a life cycle: birth, growth, reproduction and death. When they die, they produce some deterioration in our body leading to malfunctions like degenerative diseases.

By smoking, maintaining bad eating habits, not exercising enough or exposing ourselves to smog and poor air quality, we’re helping speed the aging of our cells, causing those aging signs to appear early; but we can also reverse those signs by using some treatments, and the one that we advise is stem cell therapy.

First, it’s important to clarify that the results of stem cell therapy are different for everyone, is just like medicine, it may have different effects on each body. But some of the regular aging signs that these cells can help diminish are physical malaise like headaches, dry skin, and pain in arms or legs, and may also help you feel less tired and get more elasticity on the skin.

In the following paragraphs we’ll show some results of patients who have undergone stem cell therapy:



In the US, over 50 million people suffer from hair loss. It is now known that hair follicle stem cells are the ones in charge of renewing our hair, but as time goes by, they fall apart, causing the shrinkage of hair follicles, making it more difficult to grow new hair. Basically, if new stem cells are placed, the hair will grow again.


The treatment will depend on the alopecia the patient has. When the hair grows, it will also be thicker and stronger.


As the cells are being regrown, another thing that stem cell application can do for our hair is turn grey hair into its original color and fill in bald spot.



Thanks to this treatment and the effects on the skin being regenerated, it will recover its elasticity and firmness leading to fewer lines and wrinkles, and a general improvement on the face giving great anti-aging results.


This treatment is getting more popular every day as it gives amazing results, such as a noticeably clearer and lighter skin tone with less pigmentation.


On the complete body:


With an application, the stem cells go all over our body, making it feel younger, improving our libido, and our capacity to do sports and other physical activities. The skin will become more elastic and show less bruising.


Now that you know some of the benefits of using stem cell applications, you can make a decision on how or when to take the next step. Remember, you can do this at GIOSTAR Mexico with the most advanced technology in Stem Cells.


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