Stem Cell Therapy in Cancun, Mexico

Cancun Riviera, a paradisiac destination for Stem Cell Therapy

Defined by GIOSTAR International’s high-quality standards, GIOSTAR Mexico has provided stem cell therapy to patients from all over the world, making an impact in their lives by helping them live longer and prosper. GIOSTAR Mexico brings stem cell therapies, advanced technology and quality care closer to you.

Stem cells are unique body cells that have the ability to replicate and regenerate to aid in the replacement of damaged cells and damaged tissue, slowing down the symptoms of patients with degenerative diseases or muscular injuries. GIOSTAR Mexico collects the stem cells from young and healthy donor’s adipose tissue.

Until today, GIOSTAR keeps developing treatments for human degenerative diseases with unique and state-of-the-art cell-based therapies and products. GIOSTAR was founded with one main purpose: to give people all over the world a new way of living.


Thanks to the outstanding success with its patients, GIOSTAR Mexico opens its door in the paradisiac destination for stem cell therapy: the CANCUN RIVIERA. This state-of-the-art clinic provides unique specialized stem cell therapy while also enjoying this paradisiac destination where the patient be able to have a premium and personalized treatment.


There are 100+ direct (no-stop) flights from the U.S. and Canada to the Cancun Airport (CUN), making the journey more enjoyable.

Personalized stem cell therapy means that the treatment that the patient will receive will be adapted specifically to him, depending on variables that make their case unique, such as condition, general health, nutrition, age, lifestyle, among others. Meaning that although there could be two patients with the same condition, that doesn’t mean that they will receive the same medical protocol.


Stem cell therapy is a procedure in the regenerative medicine field that gives the opportunity for patients with degenerative diseases and muscular injuries to improve their quality of life without the severe side effects than traditional treatments have in the body.