Stem Cell Therapy For Lupus

The immune system is responsible for protecting us from agents that can cause diseases and infections. An autoimmune disease is when there’s an abnormal immune response to one or more body parts, making the immune system attacks healthy cells in the body.

There are autoimmune diseases which signs and symptoms last longer than six weeks and the symptoms can present themselves even for years, these are called chronic autoimmune diseases and LUPUS is one of them.

Lupus attacks healthy tissue in many parts of the body like skin, joints, and/or organs and symptoms are:


Symptoms of Lupus


  • Swollen and pain in joints

  • Fever

  • Chest pain

  • Hair loss

  • Mouth ulcers

  • Swollen lymph nodes

  • Fatigue

  • Red rashes on face

Lupus is commonly misdiagnosed since it’s a disease that can present itself in a wide variety of symptoms, and although it’s not contagious, it’s reported that over 16,000 new cases of lupus are recorded annually across America. 

Stem Cell Therapy for Lupus

Stem cell therapy has proven to be a reliable option for people who experience lupus. With no side effects, no surgery and actual improvement in the quality of life of the patient, stem cell therapy is currently a safe option to ease the symptoms of lupus.

Stem cells can help the regeneration of lost cells and tissue, slow down or fully stop the deterioration of a disease. So with the right therapy, it’s possible to reactivate organs and regain lost functions.

The different stem cells such as mesenchymal stem cells isolated from different sources of both allogeneic as well autologous sources are known to be differentiated into cells of different origin through their trans-differentiation properties. These stem cells are known to possess angiogenic properties to enhance the network of blood vessels. These stem cells are also known to regulate body’s immune system.

Like in any other kind of therapy, in stem cell therapy there are variables that have an effect in the therapy's outcome, so it’s important to clarify that the result of stem cell therapy is a consequence of the patient’s health condition, past treatments and more variables. In our efforts to provide the best stem cell therapy, we personalized your protocol! Meaning the medical team takes those variables into consideration when designing your therapy so you actually get the best therapy you can get.

At GIOSTAR, we have mastered the technology for isolating the maximum number of viable stem cells from either the autologous sources of your own body or allogeneic with the matched donor to treat various patients with Lupus. We are the licensed, private organization with the excellent, well-equipped state-of-the-art facility to isolate process and enrich the viable number of stem cells, which can be re-infused back into the patient’s body. Once infused back in the body, these cells can be repopulated at the damaged parts of the organ, through their strong paracrine effects and differentiate into lost or damaged cells to restore back the function. These cells can regulate the immune system and help to promote the hormonal balance back.

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