10 Early Parkinson's Disease Symptoms

Parkinson's Disease is a chronic, progressive and sometimes aggressive degenerative disease associated with the abnormal functioning of the central nervous system. It comes under a group of a condition known as motor system disorder, and it’s expressed because of the loss of dopamine-producing brain cells.


Detecting Parkinson’s disease in its early stages allows most of the medical treatments to be more effective on the patient. With stem cell therapy, it can stop deterioration and even regenerate lost cells, helping the brain to regain control over itself and the rest of the body. 

Taking preventive actions for Parkinson’s disease is highly recommended. Visit your doctor if you suspect you or someone you know may have this disease, it’s extremely important to have an accurate diagnosis to treat this condition the best way possible.



According to the Parkinson’s Foundation, these 10 symptoms are presented during the early stages of Parkinson’s disease:


  • Tremors

Slight shaking of fingers, hands or even chin, while you are resting is a common sign of Parkinson’s disease. 


  • Small Handwriting

It is completely normal for your handwriting to change as you grow older, but if you notice the letters keep getting smaller and smaller and words more cramped together, then it might be a sign of Parkinson's disease called micrographia.


  • Loss of Smell

The sense of smell is very important for the human, it helps us to identify, remember and connect to our surroundings. Losing this sense can also inhibit our sense of taste since they complement each other.


  • Trouble Sleeping

It’s one thing to “toss and turn” every once in a while, another to act out when you’re in your deepest sleep phase. Unintentional and sudden movements during that stage of relaxation is a sign of Parkinson’s.


  • Stiffness in Arms and Legs

Do you have trouble moving or walking? If the rigidness persists to where it doesn’t disappear after a while, please visit your doctor to have you tested for Parkinson’s disease.


  • Constipation

Having trouble going to the bathroom is a sign of Parkinson’s disease, although it’s important you first make sure your body has a rich fiber and water intake, also some pain medication can cause constipation.


  • Soft or Low Voice

Often Parkinson’s patients experience a decrease in the volume of their voice almost to the point of a whisper, it’s important you contact your doctor if you have noticed this in your voice.


  • Masked Face

A mad, plain, serious or depressed unintentional face is common in all of us, but if you recognize this happening to you all the time without actually feeling angry or sad, it’s something to look out for.


  • Feeling Dizzy or Fainting

It directly links this to a low blood pressure.


  • Bad Posture

Sudden problems with your posture can be related to deterioration of your bones or spine. Take note if this a current situation for you ‘cause this may be a sign for Parkinson’s disease.


If you have presented two or more of these Parkinson's early symptoms, please go to your doctor or healthcare provider.

GIOSTAR Mexico provides personalized adult stem cell therapy for Parkinson's disease. This meaning although you may have the same medical condition as another person, variables such as your health, lifestyle, nutrition, deterioration, side effects of previous treatments, are considered when our doctors design your protocol for therapy to ensure the best possible outcome.

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