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Anti Aging Stem Cell Therapy

Cheryl is from Arizona, she plays piano, sings and teaches for a living. She is part of a movement of people worldwide that motives others to carry a healthy life with a firm belief that letting mental and physical health decline as we grow old is not an option. Keeping a good diet, getting some excersize and keeping your health on check can definately impact on the superficial symptoms of age.

During an event where Dr. Anand Srivastava participated, she got the chance to hear all about adult stem cell therapy and the possibilities it has as an anti-aging treatment. GIOSTAR’s scientists have developed the technology and procedures to use stem cells for cosmetic treatments by taking advantage of their potential to regenerate all types of cells of the body.

This was her experience:


As we grow older we have fewer active stem cells due to our natural degenerative process and the symptoms of aging such as wrinkles, hair loss, stretch marks, grooves, acne marks, and skin deterioration starts to be clearly visible.

Stem cell therapy focused on rejuvenation takes inactive stem cells located in the abdominal fat and go under a specially designed process to then be inserted into the body where they will go to work repairing and energizing the tissue.

Soon after GIOSTAR’s anti-aging stem cell treatment, you'll notice:

  • A surge in your energy levels
  • Skin becomes softer
  • Sleeping and breathing patterns become better
  • Sex drive increases
  • Age spots fade and in some cases disappear

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