8 Simple Things You Can Do
To Start a Healthy 2020

During holidays we tend to indulge in bad eating habits, expose ourselves to cold weather without proper clothing, and ignore signs of health deterioration. The new year is here and the “guilt” effect of our behavior is making its presence with inflammations, colds, aches and other symptoms.

Take this as an opportunity to reflect and make goals to improve yourself and start your journey to a healthy life. Make New Year resolutions and then make them possible! The key to making successful resolutions lays in how realistic they are, this is why we give you 8 SIMPLE things you can do to start a healthy 2020:

  1. Don’t jump on an extreme diet
    Sudden changes in your diet can really damage your metabolism, making it actually harder to lose weight, physical fatigue, continuous hunger pangs, sinus problems like post-nasal drip, bloodshot eyes, gallbladder disease, rashes, atrophy of your muscles seizures, malnutrition that may lead to dying, dehydration, acidosis, constipation, and a regaining of the lost weight after the diet. Extreme diets can have consequences on your mental health such as irritability, depression, lower sex drive, and the risk of being vulnerable to more eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia.
  2. Get enough sleep
    Sleep deprivation can have other serious effects on you apart from a being moody. Being tired during your daily activities can cause accidents, it can impair attention, alertness, concentration, and, problem-solving. Serious cases of sleeping disorders can lead to diabetes, heart attacks, heart diseases, high blood pressure, and strokes.
    To have a healthier 2020 you can start by simply consulting your doctor and following his recommendations. If you have a mild sleeping issue you can just exercise during the day, drink some tea, try relaxation exercises before going to bed. The goal here is getting your body and mind to truly relax.
  3. Start mild exercise
    As we stated before starting slow and making light changes is the way to go. Heavy workouts can seriously injure your body and heart since it’s not prepared for the heavy weight of so much cardio.
    Make sure your trainer knows it’s been awhile since you have been physically active so he or she can give you a routine that progressively takes you where you need to be.
  4. Protect against cold weather
    Use warm clothing to maintain a constant temperature of your body and prevent sickness.
  5. Go easy on the alcohol
    As most of us know the abuse of alcohol has serious consequences por example, damages on the nervous system, diabetes and even cirrhosis. Apart from that, alcohol ingest can have immediate effects on our health too, digestive problems can present just a few hours after, erectile dysfunction, sleep disruptions amongst others. You can start 2020 by moderating your consumption of alcohol, this will highly benefit your body and health.
  6. Set a schedule so you can plan out your daily activities
    Making changes on your daily routine takes patience and TIME. Activities like cooking, cleaning, working out requires available time on your day, this is why setting a realistic schedule can help you accomplish your resolutions.
    Tip: Consider the driving time when making your schedule.
  7. Complete a healthy diet full of nutrients by taking vitamins
    Having a balanced diet it’s important but there is only so much you can eat to get the vitamins your body needs.
  8. Inform yourself before taking any kind of medication or therapy
    There are a lot of options out there to enhance your health or to treat diseases that traditional medicine hasn’t been able to make a significant impact on. It’s very important you do your research on the kind of services the company or clinic provides and also research on the company or clinic itself, as well of the doctors and medical staff. This because the offered therapy can really not be the best for you or get the results they promote. Ask away and make sure you feel comfortable with the therapy you get.